So about last night’s #GirlsNightOut #TurnUp, we went to #StarbitesAirportCity, the newly opened higher end version of the Starbites restaurant many of us know and love! Everything from location to ambiance to food and general vibe was just so on point and wonderful!

This branch is located in Nester Square which is right next door to the Stanbic Heights plaza. The restaurant is upstairs. Though my lazy behind hates climbing stairs, this one was manageable and not painful. Like many Starbites branches, it has seating outside and inside. What was really cool is how the outside area, which you meet first, also served as the snack bar area with enough space and nice lounge like seating. So it was like East Legon in a sense but bigger. Then I got inside and was so pleased. If I’m not mistaken, this branch is the biggest. The room was so big and airy with a lot of space and a diversity of seating fit for lounging, dining, chilling by the bar, and even working.


As I went to say hi to my supervisor friend Jed who was across the room in a corner, my eyes went straight to the shelf he was sitting in front of working. It had BOOKS! You can imagine my giddiness when he confirmed that customers are allowed to read them while in the restaurant 💃🏾. It’s like my people created this just for me their ever loyal bibliophile patron 😁. That’s not all that was on the shelf. There were also games like Monopoly, Chess, Jenga, and Connect Four on the shelf that clients can play while chilling in the restaurant. Additionally, I saw some Starbites Merchandise that customers can win once in a while when they do promos. Another thing that caught my eye was the power outlets. There were a good number in the room which makes it ideal for those who love to work while dining.


The atmosphere was both cool and cozy and then lit and turnt up. The lighting was appropriate for a cool Friday chill vibe and the people brought the party. There was this group of friends who just had this party energy and were just dancing and singing along to all the songs. You couldn’t be mad at them. Their party mood was infectious and many of us laughed with them and even found ourselves dancing too (though in our seats because that’s how the best dancing happens; don’t judge us 😂).


Which brings me to the DJ for the night.

That man deserves all the accolades mehn! He was spinning correct hip-hop and RnB tunes from the 90s and early 2000s that had us all so hyped and turnt. I kid you not, there was a point Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love came on that me paa I wanted to just get up and pop my booty going uh oh uh oh oh no no 🙈. The spirit of twerking was trying to take over but I remembered this is the age of video phones so I sat eager butt down before someone blackmails me with ratchet footage 🤣.


It was so easy to enjoy and have fun especially when all the servers and attendants were so courteous, engaging, professional and just so pleasant. I’m so tempted to make passing through their spot on Friday’s a habitual thing chale. It was just a great way to unwind and de-stress after a long week with my girls. I’m even told they do special themed nights such as Karaoke Night on Thursdays and it apparently gets quite lit 🔥.


Now let me get into all the sumptuous food you’re seeing in the pics. Y’all!!! I know I enjoy Starbites meals on the regular but DAMN! They really stepped up their food game at this brunch. Everything we ate was sheer perfection! They need to hold on to whoever their chef is (SN: I’ve just remembered how much I loved the fact that there was a see through glass where the kitchen was so you could see the staff at work there). The food just had us all on cloud 9 🙌🏾:


🥘 First you’re seeing is a Snack Platter which has meatballs, spicy gizzards, chicken winglets, fried yam, and crunchy toasted bread served with guacamole and red pepper sauce. Every element was just delicious! Muah 💋!

🥘 Next is a dish called Rosemary lemon Chicken served with honey’d carrot and parsley butter potatoes or crushed (not mashed) potatoes. I had the latter type of potato and asked for green chilli sauce as an added condiment. It was finger licking good! One of my favorite things we ate last night. The sauce was nice with a lemon vinegar-like taste that worked so well on the chicken and complemented the sweetness of the carrots and buttery nature of the potatoes.

🥘 We then had a Lamb Shank with crushed potatoes. Y’all!!! This dish took me to third Heavens. I saw the angels singing hallelujah. What?!!! I usually don’t like to order lamb anywhere I go because not everyone can cook it right but Starbites knocked it out of the park. Chale chale this meal was the whole business. A juicy and succulent lamb shank that was so soft and fell off the bone so easily. I didn’t even need a knife to cut the meat. It was so well seasoned as well and OMG that sauce around it...shabados! This dish really would have you breaking out in tongues I su-wear! I have to treat myself to it at least one a month mehn. So so good! I’m still thinking about it this morning 😩.

🥘 Then came Grilled Cassava Fish with Chilly Garlic Rice. Yooooo let me tell you about the rice in particular. It was out of this world good. All that garlic, onions, and hot fresh pepper chopped and stirred in. Hallelujah praise him! Every other rice seems inferior to me now 😩. Herh that rice was gooood. If you love spice like me then you’d be in heaven. What?! The fish was also delicious. I loved the tomato sauce though my girl Zeenat wasn’t too keen on it. But that rice mehn, don’t go there koraa!

🥘 As if we were done, then came the Lobster Pesto Pasta. This dish was divine. The pasta was cooked to perfection! I couldn’t try the prawn you see because I’m allergic 😭. This meal was just comfort meal goodness; something I wouldn’t mind having on a rainy day like this at all.

🥘 Now, we couldn’t leave without trying dessert anaa? Out came the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. I’m so salty about this dish because I couldn’t try any at all (my #NoSugar lifestyle now wouldn’t let me be great 😭). But I can tell you with all confidence that it is to die for! You should’ve seen the foodgasms the ladies were having digging into this dish. I even wanted to slap them 😂. It was so annoying watching them lose their minds over it. What is all this?! 🤣


I forgot to capture everything we drank but managed to get a pic of the virgin Piña Colada that Efua had. I just love the receptacle for it. Same goes for the bowls for the Snack Platter. I wanted to take them home with me 🙈.

Now you know why I felt so turnt last night. Our bellies were full and happy and we had such a great time together. And oh, we even got a “boyfriend” in the process 😂. We were sitting close to the bar and this guy in a black shirt wouldn’t stop staring at us. Dude will stare at each woman for a few seconds and then look away for just a few seconds and resume staring again 🤦🏾‍♀️. Eventually, he moved away. I thought he’d left but we saw him as we danced out of the place, sitting close to the door. Of course he got some last minute stares in. His mouth obviously had POP 🙊🙊🙊.


Finishing touches are being put to the place, which has a nice bathroom and a whimsical wall with funny food quotes, I might add, but Starbites Airport City is THE place to be. Y’all go check it out when you can. You won’t regret it ☺️🇬🇭👩🏾‍🦱☕️




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